Inflammation and Disease

Almost all chronic illnesses: cancer, heart disease, dementia, arthritis and many more have one common denominator – an immune system that is off balance and causing chronic inflammation. The latest scientific findings suggest that most chronic inflammation is directly linked to our food intake. Removing inflammatory food from your diet can be the linchpin of a successful health makeover.

The immune system works hard to get rid of any cells multiplying in the body that are not welcome. It does this by identifying tags on cells called sialic acids which let the immune system know what belongs there and what doesn’t. These sialic acids are the fingertips of the cell membranes and are the first things to come in contact when two cells get close to one another.

Human beings are different than almost all other animals in how we express our sialic acids. Almost all other animals (seafood, beef, turkey, lamb etc.) make sialic acids that trigger our immune system. When we eat that animal, we incorporate their foreign sialic acids, and our body attacks those non-human sialic acids for elimination, which causes chronic inflammation.

So what’s the problem with a little inflammation? Inflammation causes diseases like: heart disease, stroke, dementia, allergies, asthma, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, migraines and many others.

Which foods carry these sialic acids? They are found in most animal products and ALL animal milks (cow milk, goat milk, etc.) There are many delicious substitutions for animal milk: almond milk, cashew milk, coconut and oat milk are a few of my favorites and can be easily found at most grocery stores. It is a quick and easy substitute to replace animal milk with these delicious and healthy plant milks.

So what about cheese, yogurt, sour cream and other dairy products? There are now delicious plant substitutes to these items as well. Virgin Cheese is a local Las Vegas company that makes a delicious line of cheeses from nuts.

Finally, meat is one of the easiest items to replace. We suggest yummy comfort foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, beans, corn, grain, pasta, lentils and whole grain breads. It’s easy enough to replace the meat on your plate with an extra helping of these delicious plant based substitutions.

To target inflammation, stick with eating plants! Not only will you get rid of that nasty inflammation and keep your body healthy, young and vibrant, you will also lose weight while feeling happy and full!

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